Music For All 2021

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Knowledge Sharing Session with Autistic Piano Diary – Session 1

Session 1: Understanding Special Needs and Interventions

  • What are Special Learners
  • Role of Parents / Music Teachers


Carolyn Siow holds a music performance degree and graduated with a Master of Arts in Music Education from University Malaya (UM). She was also an assistant lecturer in UM, teaching Music Programming and Electronic Composition.

With more than 10 years of experience in piano teaching, she specialises in tutoring children with special needs.

She has also collaborated with Rock Records featuring her compositions in conjunction with World Autism Awareness Month in 2016. Carolyn is the founder of “Autistic Piano Diary”.

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Knowledge Sharing Session with Autistic Piano Diary – Session 2


Session 2: Music for Special Needs and Assessments

  • What are music services?
  • Special needs and assessment boards

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Knowledge Sharing Session with Autistic Piano Diary – Session 3


Session 3: Inspiring Education from Home

  • Cultivating interest; activities at home
  • Challenges and support

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Forum on Professional Development Opportunities

Round-table discussion with Dr Indra Selvarajah of UPM and Chong Mei Ling of Segi University College, on the topic of opportunities for music teachers to further their studies in special needs education.

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Online Showcase Party!

Viewing selected SOLO and GROUP videos with U-Jin Lim, Chong Mei Ling and Chia Cheng Kok

Online Showcase Party with Trinity College London’s Regional Consultant U-Jin Lim and musicians Chong Mei Ling and Chia Cheng Kok

Panellists will also provide constructive general comments and feedback of selected performance videos during this online event which is live-streamed on our Facebook page.

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Forum on Understanding the work of Special Needs Educationalists

Round-table discussion with special needs educationalists – Cheryl Mow and Stefanus Lucas on teaching and working with special needs students.

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  1. All performers who wish to join this event by uploading their solo or group performance videos must fill in google form, found in the Music for All 2021 section of the website
  2. There is no restriction of type of repertoire or genre or music. For the instruments, the focus is on piano / strings / guitar / drums / vocals but all instruments are welcomed
  3. Video should not exceed 5 minutes of total performance time.
  4. Each uploaded video should contain only one work / song.
  5. When posting the video, performers must list out:
    1. Participants Full Name
    2. Title of work performed
    3. Name of composer / songwriter
Category Upload Period
Solo 3 May – 9 May
Group 10 May – 16 May


  1. All video posts must have the hashtags:
    3. #TRINITY100
  2. This event is open to ALL MALAYSIANS only.
  3. The same video cannot be re-posted / re-submitted throughout the period of the event.
  4. All performers will receive a certification of participation.
  5. By participating in this event, all performers agree to the Terms and Conditions of this event.
  6. This event is organized by Trinity Happenings. All decisions made by the organizer is final and binding. No correspondence or appeals will be entertained.
  7. The performers agree and provide consent to Trinity Happenings to the use of any personal data as provided by the participant for the purpose of participation in this event in line with the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.
  8. The performers further agree and give permission for Trinity Happenings, as well as Trinity Examination Services Sdn Bhd and Trinity College London to use any part of their Music for All 2021 video performances for promotional events.